for you.

19 06 2009


a big thank you

19 06 2009

thank you to all that stuck beside me this year

thank you to all that never gave up on me

thank you to all that encouraged me to do things that i was scared to do

thank you to all that listened to my rants

thank you to all who made my sophmore year livable

thank you to all who i can trust and pour out my feelings

thank you to all who were then to catch me when i fall

thank you to all who made my life livable

thank you .

a small wrap of this year

19 06 2009

This school year went by so fast. I know each of us holds great and memorable stories.

For me, I would say some of the most memorable times were

-june 5, 2009 ❤

-blue pearl

– safeway raiding :]

-lava monster :]

-prank calling while walking home


2 06 2009

So the tale begins…

that dark night

when a child prayed to God

she asked him to answer her prayers

oh, Lord, mighty Lord, honerable Lord.


God sent her an angel

pretty as can be

her ruddy red cheeks and glistening eyes

sparkling shimmering splendid

it made me believe


This angel is Christine

my friend, my angel, my guide

her soaring wings, and ancient wisdom

would guide anybody through

the dark night sky


i love you my angel

 here to catch you if you fall

mend your wings if they tear

and help piece you back together

till you are better once again


i love you more than the sky span

more than the number of stars

the sun’s glare and promiant rays

can’t match your radiant personality

keep shinging my love

a prayer for you cathy

2 06 2009


I met this girl named Cathy, Lord.

She got unconditional love, a sky span of understanding for people, Father

She’ll be there when anybody is needed. I ask you Lord,

help guide her on her journey

Light her path

help her up when she falls, Lord

let her know that she is loved no matter what, Lord

Lord, let her know

I love her

Lord, let her know

the world needs her


please give her supernatural strength

and supernatural courage

and help her pull through her tough times Lord,


you are sooo good



you are my one and only


i pray in your name


all i know is

31 05 2009

i can’t be sure if my guess is right

but all i know is

i love you ❤

this is the reason why

30 05 2009

this is so hard

i can’t take another fall,

my heart is still not whole yet

from the piercings in the past


when i found out that i like you

i thought i would move on

yet you stayed

deep within me


I know that i truely like you

yet i can’t seem to say

im afraid of failure, rejection, and the sounds

of a heart breaking into a million















tired of it

28 05 2009

you’ll wait for me

you’ll ask me if im ok

you’ll make me laugh if im unhappy

yet, something still bothers me

you seem to be hiding something

a lie?

a secret?

well whatever it is it’s tearing me apart


im tired of waiting

if what i hear from people is correct,

then you would show it

if its not

then don’t lie to me

im sick of you trying to edge away from reality


your time is running up

if you love me

you’ll tell me

if you don’t

i’m not gonna waste anymore time on you

does he?

25 05 2009

it seemed like only yesterday when i fell for him.

i thought that he would like me back

his actions, words, and smile

brightening my day

well this didn’t go according to my fantazing

he only likes me as a friend


but now

a friend told me that

he might like me

and well

i guess i never let go of him cuz

i know now that i still like him


im confused



dunno what to do

i don’t want to make the same mistakes i did b4

Hello world!

25 05 2009

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